Agouti Yellows
Agouti Yellow Syrian Youngsters
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Some of you will think that this is a strange thing to have in this grouping.  The truth is that we have not been able to find any agouti Yellows in the US.  All of our Yellows are self.  Many are very pale and could pass for creams.  As a matter of fact, we have a hard time telling our creams from our yellows.  Our self Yellows do produce tortoiseshells and tri-colors although we obviously cannot show them since the standard for Yellow describes an agouti Yellow.

There are a couple of us who have done a number of test matings to get an agouti Yellow.  We have never succeeded.  I did keep a pretty male out of one of these matings.  He is a satin light gray pearl (AaLglgToY).  I bred him back to his mother, a Yellow Black (aaToTo), in hopes of getting another Yellow Black female.  Instead I got three agouti Yellows.  All are satin, and all are females.

I will do further matings when they are old enough to produce more agouti Yellows and try to get them established in the US.

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Agouti Yellow
Agouti Yellow
Babies from Agouti Yellow at 16 days
Pictures of Agouti Yellow Litter at 16 days
The first Agouti Yellow has a litter now.  I bred her to a Light Gray Pearl male (AaLglgToY).  He is her half brother.  There are three colors in the litter:  Agouti Yellow, Light Gray Pearl, and Light Gray Pearl Black (aaLglgTo-).  I have not sexed them yet.  Many are satin including the Agouti Yellows.

Here they are at 16 days.