Black-eyed Argente Dwarf Hamsters
Black-eyed Argente Dwarf
Black-eyed Argente Campbells
The black-eyed argente gene (bb) is a recessive gene.  Being recessive means that a hamster needs two of these genes (one from each parent) to have the black-eyed argente coloration.  The black-eyed argente gene can be carried recessively and not show up in the coat at all.  Breeding to a black-eyed argente or to another hamster carrying the black-eyed argente gene, though, will produce some black-eyed argente babies.

There is a lot of variation in the black-eyed argente color depending on what region of the world you live in.  Also, there is sometimes confusion about the argente and the black-eyed argente genes.  These are two totally separate genes even though they share the term "argente."  Mating an argente to a black-eyed argente will give all normals carrying these two genes but no argentes with either black or red eyes.  (See the page on the color beige to learn more about the combined argente and black-eyed argente color.)
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