Brindled Opals
I had two babies born from semi-related lines about a month apart.  Genetically both should have been blue fawns.  Both were instead black-eyed opals with apparent cream/yellow brindling.

The female was born first.  Her father was a blue fawn (Aaddpp).  Her mother was a blue fawn satin (ddppsasa).  I expected all red-eyed babies.  The male was born to an RE lilac (aaddpp) and a blue fawn (ddpp).  Again, he should have had red eyes and been a blue fawn.

I originally left the female with her father.  They had two litters together.  There were a total of 8 blue fawns and 1 opal.

I then paired the female brindled opal with the male brindled opal.  So far they have had 16 blue fawns and 3 opals.  I have left a female blue fawn in with her parents and will also leave the next opal female in with her parents.

So in both cases, the ratio of blue fawns to opals has been large ? about 6:1 right now.  Since both brindled opals should have genetically been blue fawns, this may not be surprising.  Considering both have black eyes, though, it is surprising.
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Brindled Parents
Brindled Male
Brindled Opal
Brindled Female
Brindled Opal Male
Brindled Opal Parents
Brindled Opal Parents
Litter From The Brindled Opals
Litter from the Brindled Opals including seven blue fawns and two opals.
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