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Dove Dwarf
Dove (aapp) is the two-gene color which is the combination of the argente and black genes.  Since both of theses colors are recessive, the hamster must have two copies of both of these genes to appear dove.  It is not difficult to breed doves if you have both an argente and a black hamster -- but you must have both genes.  To get doves, you would breed the argente to the black.  All babies would be normal carrying argente and black.  You would then breed two of these normals together.  From this pairing, you should get approximately 9/16 normals, 3/16 argentes, 3/16 blacks, and 1/16 doves.  (It is a bit trickier but still doable if you start with animals who only carry these genes.)

Due to the silvering nature of the black gene, all doves will silver.  Some silver early while others silver later in life.  Also due to the black gene, all doves are self.  Self colored hamsters are the same color all over (belly and back) with no scallops on the sides.  Most also have white paws and a chin stripe while some have white patches on their bellies too.

The doves should be a rich brown color and will have red eyes due to the argente gene.  They look very similar to the chocolate dwarves with the exception of the eye color.
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