Potential New Color Gene in the Campbells
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I now have multiple litters of both the Moscow and Black carriers as well as the Moscow and Opal carriers.  Here are the results so far of each of these pairings.

I have a trio of normals.  They are littermates and each carry Moscow and black.  The first litter has six babies:  four normals, one black, and one who appears to be the combined color.  It is a very interesting color and not really what I expected.  The closest color he looks like to me is a charcoal gray.  When he was young, he reminded me more of a blue than of a chocolate.  I had expected chocolate due to the similarity of the Moscow color to the BEA color.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Moscow/black combined color along with his black sibling.  He shows some similarity to a dilute black.  I ruled out dilute black since he does not have the tipping and different shadings I see in my dilute blacks.
Black and Moscow/Black Babies
Black and Moscow/Black Babies
My Moscow/opal trio consists of a male and female normal and a platinum female.  They are all littermates.  Their father is an opal platinum who I knew might carry dilute.  The plat female had the first litter.  Here are her five babies.  There are two normals, one Moscow, and two plats.  I can't be sure of the color on the plat babies -- particularly the lighter one.  The darker one looks a lot like her mother and is probably a normal plat.  Neither of the plats has ruby eyes.

The normal mother has a younger litter.  There are two normals, an opal, and what appears to be the combined color.  I'll update this as soon as they get big enough.
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Moscow and Opal Combined Litter
Moscow and Opal Combined Litter
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