Roan or White Bellied Syrian Hamsters
LH Roan Male
Long Haired Sable Roan Male
LH Sable Roan Satin Female LH Sable Roan Female
Long Haired Sable Satin Roan Female
This gene exhibits itself in two different ways depending what color the hamster is.  Those with agouti-type hairs (hairs which are a striped with a different color near the base of the fur than on the top -- these also have cheekflashes) will exhibit this gene as a white bellied animal.  Such colors include goldens, cinnamons, and grays.  Those with self coloration (hairs which are all one color -- these animals also have the white paws and white chin stripes) will exhibit this coloration as roan.  Such colors include creams, sables, and blacks..

The roan or white bellied gene is a dominant gene.  Being dominant means that a hamster only needs one of these genes, and he will have the roan or white bellied pattern.  It also means that the gene cannot be carried.

You need to avoid breeding two roans and/or white bellieds together.  The reason is that 25% of the babies will receive two of this gene (one from each parent).  These babies will be eyeless whites.  They will live to maturity but are obviously not desirable. 
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