Satin Campbells Dwarf Hamsters

Blue Fawn Satin Campbells
Blue Fawn Satin Campbells

Blue Fawn Satin Campbells

Satin Opal Campbells
Satin Opal Platinum

Opal Platinum Satin Campbells

Opal Satin Campbells

Satin Opal and Opal Platinum

Opal Platinum and Opal Satins

Normal Mottled Satin Campbells
Satin Normal Mottled Campbells

Normal Mottled Satin

The satin gene is a recessive gene in the Campbells (unlike the satin gene in syrians which is dominant).  Being recessive means that a hamster needs two of these genes (one from each parent) to have the satin coat.  The satin gene can be carried recessively and not show up in the coat at all.  Breeding to a satin or to another hamster carrying the satin gene, though, will produce some satin babies.

The satin coat can appear in combination with any color and/or any pattern.  Thus, there are opal satins, opal mottled satins, opal platinum satins, etc.  Some people have believed that their hamsters were sick since they always look wet.  This is just the nature of this coat type.  The hair tends to be a bit longer and thinner also.  These hamsters have sometimes been called "silkies" although this is purely a nickname.

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