Satin Syrian Hamsters
LH Sable Roan Female
LH Sable Roan Satin Female
Long Haired Sable Satin Roan Female
LH Cream Roan Female
LH Cream Roan Female
Long Haired Cream Satin Roan Female
LH Cream Satin Syrian
Long Haired Cream Satin Syrian
The Satin gene in the syrians is a dominant gene.  (Satin is recessive in the Campbells dwarves.)  Since it is dominant, only one syrian parent has to be satin to produce satin pups.  With one satin parent, approximately half of the pups will be satin.

It is not recommended to mate a satin male to a satin female.  Approximately 25% of the pups will get a satin gene from both parents, and their coat is generally considered unattractive.  It is sparse with patches of ultra shiny hairs.  They can be hard to place.  Thus, unless you're prepared to keep all of these pups, it's best not to breed satin to satin.

The satin gene generally darkens and enhances the color of the coat.
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