Overview of Syrian Genetics
Here is a list of the dominant syrian genes:
Dominant Spot
Anopthalmic White (Roan or White Bellied)
Light Gray
Silver Gray
There are two troublesome genes in the syrians.  Each produces undesireable babies.  The worst is the anopthalmic white gene (roan or white bellied gene).  If two of these hamsters are mated together, approximately 25% of the babies will be eyeless whites.  They will live to adulthood although they usually have a shortened life span.  Since hamsters generally have poor eyesight anyway, they can live a mostly normal life.

Breeding satin to satin also gives undesireable babies.  Approximately 25% of the babies from this pairing will have ultra shiny, patchy fur.  They are not attractive but can live a normal life.  Some breeders use them for breeding since all of their babies are satin.
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