Yellow Syrian Hamsters
LH Yellow Syrian Male
Long Haired Yellow Syrian Male
I have now confirmed him as a Yellow Black (not a yellow)  with inadequate tipping.
The yellow gene is a dominant gene.  Being dominant means that a hamster only needs one of these genes, and he will have the yellow color.  It also means that the gene cannot be carried.

This gene is the gene which is used to get the bi-colored (often called tortoiseshell) and the tri-colored hamsters.  To get a tri-colored hamster, you need to mix the yellow gene with either the banded or the dominant spot genes.

The yellow gene is also a sex-linked gene.  That means that the gene is passed from father to daughter and from mother to son.  For example, if you breed a yellow male to a black female, all yellows in the litter will be male and all tortoiseshells will be female.  The only way to get a female yellow is if both the father and the mother are yellow (including the mother being bi- or tri-colored since she will still have the yellow gene).  If both are yellow, you can then obtain yellow females.  Bi- and tri-colored male hamsters are extremely rare and almost always infertile.
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